Property management

Our services will adapt to your reality and your needs.

Management of your property

We make the required regular monitoring of your property.

It includes checking your mail, opening and checking the windows, checking the doors, alarm, watering the plants and check that all is well without any damaged pipe, broken window or any other situation that put your home at risk.


If you do not have time for the management of payments, such as electricity, water, gas, condo payment, or can not be present at the condo meetings. If urgent issues related to your house need to be adressed we ensure the they will be managed accordingly to your needs.


If you need to do small or big renovations, we ensure their implementation, doing the monitoring of the required works.

If you do not know any construction company and can not be present to verify the works, we presented several budgets from several certified companies in the market.




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Rental Housing

If you intend to rent your home but do not have the possibility to receive your guests, or ensure that after their departure everything will be clean and tidy, with the doors and windows closed, the alarm on and the gas off, we guarantee our presence at the departure and the arrival of guests.

We can make the shopping for your arrival

After a long trip you do not have to worry about shopping. We can leave in your refrigerator fresh fruit, vegetables or even a quick meal.

So that at your return  the long-awaited peace is guaranteed.


You received guests in your home and you want to ensure the cleaning?

You had to leave and did not have time to leave your house clean and tidy?

We take care of it for you. When you return you will find everything as you like.


Good trip! And good homecoming!

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