We help homeowners who are far away or have no time to take care of their homes.

If it is important to you it is important to us.

If you need to know that all is well in your absence, to regularly check your mail, water your plants or open a windows. The neighbor complained that a pipe is pouring water to his home, or  you simply need paint your home or do other works or renovations and you have no time or contacts.

Do not worry, leave it to us. We put at your disposal several budgets from certified companies and we ensure the proper execution of the work.

The alarm rang, you can be assured that we will immediately to your home and we will ensure everything is safe.

If you want to rent your home but do not have the possibility to receive your guests, or ensure that after their departure everything will be clean and tidy, with the doors and windows closed, the alarm on and the gas off, we guarantee reception of your guests and we handle the cleaning.

 So that when you return everything will be perfect as you enjoy!

Our services will adapt to your reality and needs!